Time Trial Series

Our Club Time Trial Series for 2023 in conjunction with Cardiff Ajax Cycling Club, will run every Thursday evening from May 4th to August 31st.

Sign on will be at our clubhouse between 6pm and 6:30pm. Cost is £5 per rider. We have TT bike and road bike categories, and 2ups, 3ups and 4ups. The first rider will start at 7:01pm. The Strava route can be found by clicking here. Event results will be posted on this page.

As per CTT regulations please ENSURE THAT YOU WEAR A PROPERLY AFFIXED HELMET and HAVE WORKING FRONT AND REAR LIGHTS (Failure to do so WILL result in you not being permitted to ride)

Our clubhouse will be open after the event, for tea/coffee and chat.

25th May 2023 – Club Time Trial


  1. 22m 51s – Dave Godfrey
  2. 23m 09s – 4UP Rhodri Eynon, Darren Morgan & Barrie McGregor
  3. 24m 13s – Mohammed Mustafa
  4. 25m 02s – Matthew Jameson
  5. 25m 21s – 4UP Lianne Lusty, Justin Jones, Matt O’Brien & Leighton Tovey
  6. 26m 18s – Ross Porter


  1. 21m 12s – Dafydd Jay
  2. 21m 24s – Dan Kingston
  3. 23m 15s – Sam Cook
  4. 24m 12s – Chris Seddon
  5. 25m 09s – Tia Froom
  6. 31m 14s – Kevin Thomas

18th May 2023 – Club Time Trial


  1. 20m 26s – 4UP Dan Fox, Mike Fox, Luke Protheroe & Andy Davies
  2. 22m 40s – George Kimber
  3. 22m 41s – 4UP Gavin Jones, Chris Seddon, Aled Jones & Mohammed Mustafa
  4. 23m 15s – 2UP Richie Harris & Rhodri Eynon
  5. 23m 37s – 4UP Courtney Rowe, Lianne Lusty, Ross Porter & Darren Morgan
  6. 23m 50s – 3UP David Middleton, Mark Allen & Lutfi Shamsuddin
  7. 24m 31s – John Phipps
  8. 25m 14s – 2UP Liam Cawley & Mitch Long
  9. 25m 31s – Matt Jameson
  10. 25m 40s – 2UP Leighton Tovey & Michael Cheung
  11. 28m 21s – Kevin Lavelle


  1. 21m 22s – Ross Hosking
  2. 21m 32s – Dan Kingston
  3. 22m 31s – Khalid Rahmani
  4. 22m 56s – Jon Vickery
  5. 23m 10s – Will Poole
  6. 23m 30s – Samuel Cooke
  7. 25m 50s – Dean Harris

11th May 2023THE MIGHTY TEAM TIME TRIAL event – For this event Cwmcarn Paragon & Cardiff Ajax hosted some of the best Time Triallists from around the South East Wales area, which was organised by Mr Courtney Rowe.

Thankfully the weather was kind to us for the event, and some impressive times were definitely made.

Thank you so very much to all the volunteers that made this event happen, it really is so very much appreciated.

Result board from the night…

4th May 2023 – Unfortunately due to very bad weather, this event was cancelled.

Before our 2023 TT season starts, we are holding an Introduction to Time Trials evening.