Club Rides

Thursday Evening Get-Together (Leaves the clubhouse at 18:00)[These will take place when it is NOT Time Trial Season]

Social ride from the clubhouse, usually for a couple of loops of Cwmcarn Forest Drive. We then head back to our clubhouse for Tea/Coffee and chat.

Our weekend rides are dictated by time of year, in what time they leave the clubhouse.

March to October Inclusive, will leave at 09:00.

November to February inclusive, will leave at 09:30.

Saturday Morning Tea & Toast Social Ride

We have 4 seperate routes for our Tea & Toast, which we use on a rotational basis and range from 28 – 40 miles. Upcoming routes can be found on our Strava club page. As the headline suggests, this is a social ride where we chat along the way. Naturally the ride will vary in pace depending on the route however in general, the pace for the social ride is on average between 15 – 16 mph.

Sunday SILVER Ride (Every Sunday throughout the year, however is our only Sunday ride November to February)

The Sunday SILVER Ride is longer than our Tea & Toast rides, with the pace generally being between 15 – 17 mph and up to around 60 miles or so. The ride route varies each week and is set out to our members via the club members WhatsApp group.

Sunday GOLD Ride (March – October only)

The Sunday GOLD Ride is our longer and faster ride, the pace is generally 17 mph plus, with the distance being 70 miles plus, and may consist of long and steep hills and hard efforts along the way. The ride route varies each week and is set out to our members via the club members WhatsApp group.

For more information on the rides, or if you are currently not a member but would like to attend, please email

Zwift Rides

We do 1 or 2 Zwift rides per week. On a Monday at 6:20pm, we join Rowe & King for their Monday Mixer, and on a Wednesday (October – March) we have a workout also at 6:20pm. Details of our Wednesday Workout are posted on our Club Zwift WhatsApp group. During our workouts, we also use a Discord link to chat and cheer each other on. For more information please email